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zachary lundgren

We recently took a weekend to backpack through the Harris Wash, an area at the edges of Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Backcountry Ambassador Zachary Lundgren came along with us, and recorded his impressions of this uniquely beautiful spot, one of our favorites in the state. We’ve transcribed the pages of his handwritten field journal here. Day 1 The rude sound of my alarm woke me up at 3:45 in the morning. Typical of most of my adventures that begin with a pre-dawn wake, my groggy mind immediately questioned my sanity and if the trip was worth this crazy wake-up [...]

Colin Clancy

Brian Tolbert spent 20 years as a self-proclaimed dirtbag, racing bikes and sleeping in trucks or stuffing six dudes into a hotel room. Camping, and life, has changed a bit since then. Brian, a Backcountry Ambassador, is now the father of four kids, ranging from six months to ten years old. Balancing family togetherness, time outside, and the creature comforts that keep the kids happy is a priority for Brian and his wife, Heather. During the week, Brian works for a software company, but he still spends his weekends racing. It used to be mountain bikes and triathlons, but now [...]

Colin Clancy

Pro skier Julian Carr never thought of himself as a runner, which is why it’s pretty surprising that he founded a series of running races that’s now receiving national attention. The summertime races of the Discrete Cirque Series take place at world-class ski resorts. They involve a mix of running and hiking to the top of a scenic peak and descending back down to the finish line and into a party scene full of live music, vendor tents, and camaraderie among racers ranging from beginning hikers to trail running pros. “I love bagging peaks,” says Carr, who used to live [...]

Koly Swistak

We go hiking and backpacking to escape, free from our “real life” responsibilities. But often this freedom doesn’t come for free. Whether you’re 25 or 52, hitting the trails on the weekend leads to sore bodies. Cue trekking poles. Once considered just for older folks, trekking poles have become increasingly popular among hikers, trekkers, and backpackers of all ages. The advantages of hiking with trekking poles are possibly endless. Reasons to pick up a pair of trekking poles: They increase your stability traveling with a heavy load and when you’re traversing sketchy terrain. Trekking poles reduce the impact on your [...]

Kyle Livingston

We are all drawn the open trail, our gear on our back and map in hand, searching for some solitude next to a campfire far beyond the lights of the city. When you decide to leave the campground behind and make the leap to the backcountry, there is a lot to consider. My first backpack was a hand-me-down Gregory and it took me years to accumulate the necessary gear to support me in the wilderness as a bona fide backpacker. Loading up your pack, leaving the car far behind, and carrying everything you need on your back combine to raise [...]

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